Advanced, Natural Hair Regrowth Return Information

We at Vitalize are so sure that our customers will love our services and products that we offer a 90-day money back guarantee to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We believe our customers will be pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of our ALL-natural products.

The 90-day money back guarantee does not include any additional fees that may have been charged to the customer; additional fees include but are not limited to shipping, tax, banking handling charges, or any other related handling fees. The initial time in which the 90-day money back guarantee is to be in effect will be calculated from the date in which the customer received the product(s).

Customers will be reimbursed for the returned product(s) digitally after we have confirmed that the conditions of this refund policy have been met. Product(s) used for longer than 90 days cannot be returned. Vitalize Hair reserves the right to refuse customer refund for the returned product(s) if the following conditions are not met.

Step 1: Customers are required to submit before and after photos. The customer must also include the following information when submitting before and after photos: date the product was purchased, date the product was returned, order number, and return policy number. All photo files must be labeled in the following format month/day/year (example: 3/9/17). All photos and requested information must be sent via email to [email protected]

Step 2: Request Form must be filled out. Upon completion, the form must be sent to [email protected]. The customer will then receive a Return Product Authorization number for permission to return the product(s) to Vitalize Hair.

In the event of a return product request, customers are required to complete the Return Product Authorization Form which will be provided by a Vitalize sales representative or obtained through Vitalize’s website. The completed form must be sent to [email protected] via e-mail.

Step 3: Customers must return the unused product(s). The freights for the product(s) return is at the customer’s expense.

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We look forward to helping you on your journey to hair regrowth. Vitalize Hair 100% All-Natural Hair Regrowth System is now available.

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